axialHealthcare is the risk management solution of Wayspring Health.
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Members deserve better.

The axialHealthcare risk solution helps to build a better route to better outcomes. It offers end-to-end network optimization so plans, providers and patients all benefit. It addresses market-specific barriers to treatment so that each market gets customized, data-driven solutions.

And now, we connect to the entire patient journey through Wayspring, our patient solution that is reimagining SUD patient care. Together, axialHealthcare and Wayspring offer a complete, end-to-end patient journey, starting with risk and ending with recovery. Learn more about Wayspring here.

Here’s How Our Risk Platform Works

We aggregate and analyze data to help health plans reduce cost by addressing risk before it escalates.

We use a variety of in-workflow methods to educate and enable providers to intervene in all stages of escalation.

One Platform, Four Components

Our platform monitors a number of data sources to identify irregular opioid and polydrug prescriptions and other provider-driven risks in your member population. We also engage healthcare providers with resources and education to support compliance with evidence-based guidelines.

Health plans and members both benefit from addressing substance use concerns before they escalate. Our data-based approach to risk management helps identify at-risk members earlier. We do it by using a proprietary mix of medical, pharmacy, and behavioral health information.

Our platform doesn’t just identify risk—it addresses it. Our clinical consult teams provide market-wide resources, from safety risks and clinical considerations for individual members to diagnostic tools that inform clinical decisions. And when significant risks to patient safety are identified, providers receive prioritized outreach from our team. Because when providers are armed with the full patient picture, they are enabled to promote positive outcomes.

Getting members to recovery requires a personalized approach that combines high-tech insight with high-touch support. Our platform supports enrollment and adherence to effective treatment options that address both substance use disorder and social needs. And because our platform is optimized at the member level, your population will benefit from customized care plans.

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