If you're struggling with substance use, you are not alone. While millions suffer from it, many have successfully treated their disease, restored their health, and are now living each day in sustained recovery. You can too.

We're here to walk with you so you don’t have to shoulder this burden alone. No matter where you are in the treatment process, we can help you find the right recovery solution that works for you. That starts with a care team that meets you where you are, with no judgment.

Your team is ready—and it’s one you can connect with.

Normal Brain Function

For many people, levels of brain stimulation are typically steady, without huge peaks for valleys.

During Substance Use

For most substance users, the brain experiences dramatic swings in stimulation, alternating between overstimulated while using, and under stimulated while not.

With Proper Treatment

Patients properly using Medically-Assisted Treatment (MAT) typically have more stable stimulation levels.

Recovery Partner

Your recovery partner is your primary connection to clinical support. They will onboard you into the recovery program, perform your initial intake assessment, find your peer advocate match, and help you with your care and contingency plans. They help remove medical barriers.

Peer Recovery Specialist

Your peer recovery specialist is like a mentor—or guide. They have life experience in getting to recovery. They know the challenges you’ll face and the encouragement you’ll need. They’re there to coach you, check on you, walk with you, and respond to your needs.

Your Clear, Connected Path

Together, we can start the process of removing barriers between you and recovery.

Get back to your life with affordable, effective, comprehensive care that treats your condition. That puts recovery resources within reach. That moves your life from risk to recovery.

Check Program Eligibility

Activate your care plan

Connect to outpatient treatment

Gain access to valuable community resources

Access 24-hour support helpline

Need Help? Find Support Services in Your Area.

Search for local support services for transit, housing, employment, and more.

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