• axial healthcare

    Our Mission: to improve the well-being of patients in pain, while creating value for our partners.

axial healthcare provides health insurers with interoperable big data advanced analytics, network solutions and a connect platform to improve clinical and economic outcomes for patients in pain.



axialAnalytics is a big data advanced analytic service that forensically and continuously stratifies patient risk, clinical outcomes and practitioner's episodic performance in delivering pain care.


axialNetwork defines, privileges, and manages the optimal pain care delivery network and continuously measures practitioners on pain clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and episode cost.


axialConnect is a cloud based patient engagement, monitoring and clinical decision support platform which provides patients and practitioners with the capabilities required to improve pain outcomes.

axial healthcare engages acute and chronic pain patients and manages care plans episodically to improve outcomes, enhance the patient's experience and eliminate needless expense.

100 Million Americans

are in an episode of chronic pain today

$300 Billion

is spent by health insurers to treat pain, annually

$335 Billion

is lost each year by employers due to productivity/work day loss

400% Increase

in opioid overdoses over the last 10 years


  • Health Plan Medical Director
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Pain care is a major clinical and MLR concern for us...axial's episodic approach to engaging and supporting pain patients and providing tools to our network physicians is the approach we need to unlock improved patient care and financial results.
  • Internal Medicine Physician
    Nashville TN
    Pain patients are amongst the most challenging in my care; the clinical guidance and support axial brings would be a welcome tool for me and my primary care Partners.

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