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Sara Flathers, National Recovery Month Video

Sara’s Story of Recovery: “I didn’t know my life would get a lot more rich.”

Sara discovered alcohol at a young age and immediately liked how it made her feel, "it helped me feel confident when I didn't feel confident, and it helped me fit in when I didn't fit in." Sara's disease progressed through her twenties when she started exploring other substances, but when the consequences of her addiction started impacting her life, it became apparent that something needed to change.

Watch the video to learn how a nonjudgmental helping hand supported her when she needed it most and set her on the path to recovery. Today, Sara has two Masters degrees, one of which is in counseling, and serves as a recovery partner at axialHealthcare where she onboards patients into our recovery program, matches patients to peer recovery specialists, and helps develop care and contingency plans so that patients have the needed clinical support along their journey to sustained recovery.

This is the second video in our National Recovery Month series. To view Andy's story of recovery, click here

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