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Our COVID-19 Response

In the face of the global public health crisis presented by COVID-19, axialHealthcare has made several necessary adjustments to prioritize the safety of our employees and communities while continuing to deliver services to patients, providers, and our partner clients.

First, we quickly and successfully transitioned our Nashville, TN headquarters to work remotely. Leveraging secure and established resources that support our remote clinical personnel, we have been able to do so with minimal to no disruption to daily operations.

Second, we are pivoting in-person engagement for individuals with substance use disorder to a remote support model as needed to ensure the safety of patients and employees. axialHealthcare’s recovery team members fill an important gap in the substance use disorder treatment ecosystem, using lived experience with addiction to encourage treatment adherence, ease care transitions, and connect to community resources. Social isolation is particularly hard for individuals with substance use disorder, and addiction does not pause during a national crisis. Disruptions to a patient’s treatment, employment, and daily routines may contribute to feelings of anxiety and despair and lead to escalation of their disease. Right now, it is critically important that patients with substance use disorder can connect with their treatment providers and peers in recovery.

Finally, we are continuing outreach to providers to address opioid and polypharmacy related risks to patient safety. Our flexible engagement strategies have always been sensitive to providers’ time and competing priorities, and we will regularly monitor and adjust our approach as the situation evolves.

We remain committed to our work, and by doing so, we hope to alleviate some of the burden for providers, patients, and our partners during this difficult time.

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