Opioid, Pain & Chronic: How 3 Words Can Impact Our Solutions

In order to successfully offer clinicians and patients the highest quality pain care resources and tools, our solutions need to be informed by the latest evidence-based research. To do this, our data science and analytics team curates an extensive library of relevant literature, which is then used to define our methodology and inform capabilities like proprietary care pathways for pain care and opioid therapy.

Using titles from over 850 articles in the library, our data science and analytics team developed a word cloud to highlight the most frequently used words. The top three most used words? Opioid, Pain and Chronic. Not far behind in frequency are Use, Treatment, Patients and PrescriptionThese terms offer a unique and accurate glimpse of the past year at axialHealthcare.

2017 was big for us, and one of our most notable announcements falls in line with the most frequently used word: opioid. In early October, we unveiled our new operating platform, axialINSIGHT 3.0, which includes opioid use disorder enhancements for all three of our products—axialPRACTICE, axialNETWORK and axialPATIENT. axialINSIGHT 3.0 is the nation’s only evidence-informed solution to identify, engage, treat and support patients with opioid use disorder, as well as provide needed tools and resources for the physicians who manage their care. As a leading pain management and medication solutions provider, we knew our team, unique alliances, research and development capabilities, and existing innovative solutions could create a comprehensive solution to help patients suffering from opioid use disorder, which played a major role in the more than 63,000 drug overdose deaths estimated in 2016.

We’re proud of the successes of the past year, and we’re eager to build on those successes in 2018 as we focus our efforts on another frequently used word from our research library: patients. Stay tuned.

Learn more about axialINSIGHT 3.0 in this blog post. Interested in discussing how our solutions can impact your pain population? Contact us at info@axialhealthcare.com.


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