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Arizona Complete Health to Enhance Member Health and Safety with axialHealthcare’s Risk Mitigation Solution

Data insights will identify members with safety concerns related to substance use, enabling early intervention and targeted support for those most at risk

axialHealthcare has partnered with Arizona Complete Health to identify and address member safety concerns related to substance use by leveraging advanced data insights and clinical care teams that work directly with providers caring for the population. The risk mitigation program will serve Arizona Complete Health’s Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System and Ambetter members throughout the state. 

Understandably, the world has been focused on the current COVID-19 pandemic as the health care issue to tackle,” said Dr. Scott Van Valkenburg, Chief Medical Director for Arizona Complete Health. “Lurking in the shadows, however, is the ongoing challenge of opioid and substance use disorder, which has been exacerbated by the stressors of the pandemic, such as social isolation and job loss. At Arizona Complete Health, we had a very robust strategy to address the opioid crisis pre-pandemic. By teaming up with axialHealthcare, we will ramp up these efforts to include enhanced data analytics and provider engagement to support members and improve their health.”

Arizona Complete Health deploys a robust strategy focused on evidence-based opioid prescribing and high-quality substance use disorder treatment through a large spectrum of support services. Addressing all stages of substance use, the plan offers prevention and screening efforts including pharmacy lock-in programs and various provider oversight and engagement programs, health homes that support physical and behavioral needs, peer support and harm reduction services, and community resource programs for members. 

Early identification and intervention efforts are crucial to curbing the escalation of behavioral health conditions. Through partnership with axialHealthcare, Arizona Complete Health will leverage data analytics to pinpoint member safety concerns ranging from multi-prescriber activity and risky polydrug use to overdose, and engage providers caring for those members through care teams and in-workflow clinical decision support tools. To support care coordination, patient information is delivered across providers caring for the member, and clinical care teams work closely with them to address the risk, offering a multitude of resources from opioid or benzodiazepine tapering protocols to connection to specialized or additional care such as social determinant of health services, substance use disorder treatment, and peer recovery services.

“Substance use remains a national concern with devastating local repercussions, harming individuals, families, and communities right here in Arizona,” said Dr. Dirk Wales, Chief Medical Officer for axialHealthcare. “We look forward to working alongside Arizona providers and bringing additional resources to ensure Arizona Complete Health members receive safe, high quality care and the support they need.” 

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